Animal neon trees

Habits Bonus Track Version Take a bite of my heart tonight Oh, oh, I want some more Oh, oh, what are you waiting for? The brusk electropop single "Trash" and its accompanying music video drew controversy for criticizing the conservative values of the singer's former faith, Mormonism. Login with Google Error:

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I wanted to take some of the dark elements of that and put it into a pop song people could relate to. My Interpretation I think this song is about a guy that likes a girl and he doesn't know whether she likes him back. He's in love with a girl, but she's complicated, more so than most women no offense!

Whoa, I won't sleep tonight means that the world is quiet when they are around each other because they are only focusing on each other. I meon everyone when they are in love they almost always put the other person before them and in extreme ways sometimes.

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Neon Trees - Animal Lyrics | SongMeanings

Why not add your own? Scoring hits such as "Animal" and "Everybody Talks," Provo, Utah's Neon Trees kicked off the s with smart, catchy pop that blended new wave, dance, and indie with mainstream-friendly hooks.

General Comment Love this! The song was released as downloadable content for Rock Band in August There was an error. I swear I've heard it both ways. The guy notices that they are behaving like animals in the sense that the girl plays hard to get, and the boy must chase her down rrees you notice, in the wild, the girl animal usually blows off the male a few times before she finally gives in. General Comment i'm pretty disappointed that there isn't more comments on this song.

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Oh oh, I want some more, Oh oh, what are you waiting for? Suddenly, he starts denying her humanity. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Retrieved February 28, Take a bite of my heart tonight. The whole while they are pretending to not be attracted to each other and it's i killing him inside. Animal Tyler Glenn Remix.

Neon Trees:Animal Lyrics

More Neon Trees Lyrics. Say goodbye to my heart tonight Hush, hush, the world is quiet Hush, hush, we both can't fight it It's us that made this mess Why can't you understand?

User does not exist. Habits Picture Show Pop Psychology. I think I like "take a bite" better though!

Login with Google Error: Oh, oh, I want some more Oh, oh, what are you waiting for? Girls Like You Maroon 5 Shallow feat. Inviting someone to "take a bite of my heart" brings to mind "take another little piece of my heart".

It's futile, why bother? Finally Hush, hush The world is quiet Hush, hush We both can't fight it It's us that made this mess Why can't you understand?

Flag DancingWithMyself on December 17, And the mess he's talking about is the mess that they created by flirting and carrying on for a long time without purusuing their feelings, thus creating confusion and an animal-like game out of things, and he won't be able to sleep at night because things have finally gotten to the point where he can't stand it anymore and wants to pursue things further with her. The group's Mercury debut, Habits, arrived in early Views Read Edit View history.

Alternative rock new wave post-punk revival dance-punk.

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